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Michelle Jernberg
I've been feeling pretty stressed and depressed lately. Ever since we spotted our dream house back in the Christmas Holidays we've been busy trying to sell our apartment. Despite it being in great condition, with many unique details and a very desirable location in central Aarhus, most of the prospect buyers left with the motivation that it was too small. Then weeks passed, without anyone showing any interest at all. Still, since you never know when someone might want to come, the apartment needed to be kept clean and tidy virtually 24/7. In most cases we would get notified days in advance of someone coming, but sometimes the broker would call a couple of hours before the appointment, asking if it was alright to stop by right away with some additional person. This has had me feel pretty stressed and uncomfortable, so we've tried to spend a lot of time away from home. Usually, by the time of our return, there would either have been no showing of the apartment at all, or just around the time of our home coming.
Sadly our dream house was sold sometime in April with our apartment still being nowhere closer to selling and for quite some time after, we mourned it. Looking for other houses felt very difficult, as none seemed able to even get close to "our" house. Eventually we found another one that looked promising and visited it. It wasn't as perfect as the first house had been, but it had some really nice qualities. We both liked it and could see ourselves living there and grow for years to come. If only our apartment would sell in time...

A few weeks ago, the sellers of said house suddenly dumped the sell price with almost 10% after only having it up for 3 months. This got us worried, but before selling the apartment, there wasn't anything we could do about it and at that time, everything had come to a stand still. Two weeks ago, things suddenly started happening. A buyer was found for our apartment - if we were willing to lower our price - and we would finally be able to place a bid on the house, as soon as the contract was signed. Since the house we wanted to buy was still showing up as available and for sale, we agreed on this condition, since the loss would be covered by the amount of money the house seller had dumped their price with. The contract was signed and then we called the house broker to place our bid - only to get notified that the house was already in the middle of selling! What should have felt like a big relief and reason for celebration has turned into a sorrowful nightmare that fills us with dread.  >.<

It's been ten days now, and until two days ago, the house would still show up as available and for sale when searching for houses in the area, despite it being sold and gone in reality. Again it's very hard to focus on looking for another candidate. There's not really many houses that we haven't already looked at over and over again and discarded over and over again for various reasons. New houses rarely show up within the area we want to settle down in so God knows how long it will take until we find something else.

So here we are. Apartment sold at a lower price than intended, house snatched away right under our fingernails, no true candidates in sight and one month to finish moving out. Luckily we can move somewhere else temporarily, but since that house is for sale as well, just had new summery pictures taken and it's price lowered it doesn't feel like a very secure plan. -.-

Oh well, the search has to go on...
  • Mood: Panic

If I would make some of my Siesta in the jungle characters available as plush, which figure would be your first pick? 

55 deviants said The tiger
55 deviants said The tiger as chibi
38 deviants said "Pete" the crocodile
17 deviants said Eddie the Turtle
12 deviants said "Pete" the crocodile as chibi
9 deviants said Linus the Leech
8 deviants said Rocky the Frog
6 deviants said Cornelius the Elephant
4 deviants said Other (post your suggestion below)
3 deviants said Lil'Timmy



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LuminaWolf Apr 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the watch :3
Zerochan923600 Apr 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
hey, thanks for the add mate!
You're most welcome! I love what you did with all the patrats in your Nuzlocke run. Back when PMD-E was still up, I was meaning to have a patrat on my team, bur could never figure out how to make expressions work with those huge eyes and pouchy cheeks. You're patrats are all brilliant, every single one of them! :D
Zerochan923600 Apr 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
thanks! i love patrats, i'm glad you wanted to have one too! most people i know hate them XD
Haha, so I've heard too. I like their design, but haven't had much in game experience so far. I'm fond of Rattata too, so maybe there's some connection there... x3
By the by, I saw that you participated in PMD-E before and was wondering if you've considered joining PMD-U that was created upon the group's closing and has some of the original staff?
(1 Reply)
Oddersnude Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Virkelig fed stil du har :)
nicaranime Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch! :aww:
You're most welcome. :3
Charlottejks Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much for the watch, it's really appreciated! :hug:

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